Borer Financial Communications, Inc.

Registered SEC/EDGAR Filing Agent & Financial Printer

Our Services


Borer Financial’s personalized service manages EDGAR filings from inception to submission with the SEC. We provide the quickest and most accurate turnaround times at the most cost-effective rates.

Press Releases

Borer Financial provides comprehensive solutions to distribute press releases across all major news outlets to your target audience anywhere, anytime. Borer provides all distribution options, including national and global distribution with unlimited word count at the best price point.

Financial Printing

From printing to binding to mailing and delivery, Borer Financial offers full service end-to-end printing for any type of document.

Security & Trust

At Borer Financial, our top priority is always to keep our customer's data safe and secured. We have implemented a suite of security solutions that ensures sensitive data is encrypted and protected at all times from any threat.

Borer Financial works and partners with leading IT service providers that align with our security requirements and also maintain active regulatory compliance certifications including PCI-DSS, ISO, HIPAA, SOC/SOC2.


24 Years of Steady Growth 

Borer Financial has become known for treating our clients like family, and this image still persists today. We listen to our clients’ needs and adapt to meet all of their requirements. This close-knit relationship with our clients provides us with the ability to gain knowledge about how our clients want each and every document completed to their satisfaction.

Our ability to turn documents around promptly, coupled with our superior quality, provides Borer Financial with an unparalleled edge. The Borer Financial team understands the sense of urgency when it comes to EDGAR compliance filings and are available to work round the clock, every day of the year.

Borer Financial has Extensive Experience

with all types of SEC Filing Forms, including, but not limited to:

Borer Financial is here for your every need

We work with domestic and international companies, both public and private.

Whether you need to file a compliance document, apply for new/replacement EDGAR filing codes or revise company/individual information in the SEC database, Borer Financial is the best solution.

If you require conversion of a HTML document to MS Word, printing and mailing of a document or distribution of a press release, Borer Financial is the way to go.

Borer Financial Communications, Inc.

Founded in 1996, Borer Financial is a full-service registered SEC EDGAR filing agent and financial printer with over 24 years of experience in the securities industry. We assist publicly traded companies, hedge funds, trading firms, individuals and start-ups that are required to file compliance documents with the SEC utilizing EDGAR.

Borer Financial provides high-quality accurate EDGAR and XBRL/iXBRL compliance filing services to our clients.

Borer Financial has experienced the EDGAR process change dramatically throughout the years. We have evolved with all of the revisions to the rules and requirements of the SEC and have always kept abreast of the ever-changing regulations. Borer Financial’s extensive knowledge of the SEC’s regulatory actions allows our clients to focus more on expanding their business.

Our Philosophy

Quick, accurate and high quality turnarounds for EDGAR filings,
press release distribution and financial printing services